The Culture of the Water

Rationale and integral water management are key to fight water scarcity, poor water quality and inadequate sanitation. 

Sustainable Development Goals are proposed by the United Nations, in order to contribute to those changes initiated by means of the Millennium Development Goals. Among the 17 proposed goals, setting specific targets to be reached by 2030, we found Goal number 6:  “Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all”. This objective is to be accomplished by specific targets as

  • universal drinking water access
  • equitable access to adequate sanitation
  • improving drinking water sources and reducing the untreated waste water percentage
  • reducing water scarcity problems by a more efficient usage of water
  • protecting every related ecosystem
  • extending international cooperation and promoting the stakeholders participation in water and sanitation management improves.

In addition, within the other objectives, plenty of references to water and its usage can be found.

Last month we celebrated the first anniversary of the launching of this “road map” for this 2015-2030 period and from AZUD we work to meet the targets set by the Sustainable Development Goals in any area concerning us. Sensitive to the problems of water, the main objective of AZUD is the development of technologies and products that allow for the efficient use and the maximum profitability of a scarce resource as the water is. The strategy of AZUD concentrates in The Culture of Water, axis of its activity, which promotes the rational use of the water.