AZUD develops advanced solutions for water treatment in the agro-alimentary sector

AZUD has always considered a key factor in its growth strategy the continued investment in I+D+i. 

~~Due to this, the customer oriented innovation has been a priority over the years. The centre on AZUD development projects has always been oriented towards new solutions and products for a more efficient water usage in drip irrigation as well as in filtration and water treatment, meeting in this way the requirements of agricultural, industrial and municipal sectors.

Nowadays, AZUD together with AINIA are developing joint research lines, as bioREFINA Project. In this project AZUD, always consistent with its corporate culture based on The Culture of Water, leads the development of new processes to treat horticultural wastes based on bio-refinery. Through many technologies the target is to extract from these wastes any valuable element, transforming them in bio-products with new uses.

Among those new uses we may found

- a liquid fertilizer to be used in fertigation
- a bio-fertilizer rich in amino acids and plants hormones based on micro-algae
- biogas, as a renewable heating source
- a “functional” organic amendment to improve cropping soil quality